Dana White – “I wont stand in McGregor’s way if he wants to fight Mayweather.”

It seems like Mayweather vs McGregor is inevitable as both parties have seemingly reaching an agreement. Reports coming out of Las Vegas stated that, Mayweather was coming out of retirement to face Mcgregor on June the 10th, with the brand new T-Mobile Arena staging the fight. Much has been made of this bout, the most notably thing being, how does this effect Dana White and the UFC?

The fight between Floyd Mayweather & Connor McGregor seems to be going ahead with the preparations being made in the background before an official announcement. There have been many critics that are against this fight, who are stating it is bad for the sport, they would rather not mix up the combat sports scene by allowing this fight to go ahead. Both camps face unprecedented challenges, when trying to make this work for all parties, however they may have just conquered one of their biggest hurdles.

In a recent interview Dana White, the UFC president, stated that he wont “stand in McGregor’s way if he wants to fight Mayweather.” This has shocked most of the Boxing and MMA public as Dana White has been made to be, the bad guy in this situation, not allowing this fight to go ahead without the UFC being involved. However he seems to have backed down from his previous statement giving McGregor his blessing to pursue the Mayweather fight.

Why would Dana White do this? Does this not effect his interests with the UFC?

Dana White has been called into question to why he is allowing McGregor to pursue a career in boxing, most people have looked at White as a man who would do anything to stop this bout from happening, but has now retracted his earlier statement. The UFC president stated that both men could make, in excess of $100 Million Dollars each, for fighting in each other in a boxing ring and that he could not stand in the way for someone to make that sort of money for 36 minutes or less in a boxing ring.

$100 million would be a career high payday for McGregor who has stated that he may retire after the Floyd Mayweather fight. Connor said to media at a the UFC 205 post fight press conference, that he had achieved what he wanted to do in the UFC, as well as only being interested in the biggest fights for the most money. The UFC fans expected him to defend his UFC Lightweight belt, or move up a division to Welterweight and fight Tyrone Woodley, but now have been resigned to the fact he may never step into the octagon again.

The UFC is definitely struggling for stars, with the last pay-per-views being below par, as well as multiple questionable results. Should McGregor retire after his bout with Mayweather, the UFC will have to find another star to push the promotion, unfortunately there is no one currently on the roster who is active enough to do this. However Dana white has shown a bit of class by giving Connor his blessing, showing he really is on the fighters sides, contrary to what people have previously stated.

Stay tuned for more updates on this fight as soon as it breaks!!!




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