Mayweather vs Mcgregor confirm superfight!!

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor seems to be finally on, after the two camps finally agreeing a deal, with fight being staged on June 10th at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Are they both going to finally meet in the ring or is this just more hype?

We previously reported that Mayweather & Mcgregor were in talks to meet each other in the ring, with the Boxing and MMA fans anticipating this fight to go ahead, whilst many insiders thought that this would never happen but it seems like they were all wrong. The two camps have finally seemed to agree with each other with the bout taking place on June 10th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather is currently on his undefeated world tour in the UK, he caused some headlines when he announced that he is coming out of retirement to fight Connor Mcgregor, which stunned his audience. It seemed like he was telling the truth and we will finally be treated to this fight.

All is not as it seems though, Connor still has commitments with the UFC, as well as he has to gain a boxing licence from the state of Nevada to compete. His fight in Las Vegas with Nate Diaz caused a stir, when both camps clashed at a pre fight press conferences, which led to bottles being thrown at each other. This resulted in a hefty fine from the Nevada Athletic Commision as well as Mcgregor vowing not to return to Las Vegas to compete anytime soon.

This will be his first trip back to the state to compete, however he will not have everything on his terms, due to Mayweather being the A side in negotiations. The pair will make career high paydays for this bout, as it will bring the Boxing and MMA scenes together, which will ultimately shatter pay-per-view records.

It will be interesting to see the backlash from this announcement but it seemed like it was inevitable with the money on offer. Mayweather & Mcgregor will certainly never have to compete again after this fight is over, should they achieve the record number, with many making Floyd the favourite.


We will be following this story as soon as it breaks, check back here for updates..




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