#WengerOut – Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich

After another disappointing night for Arsene Wender as they crashed out of the Champions League, losing 10-2 on aggregate to Bayern Munich, with fans protesting before the game against the Arsenal manager. Is his time finally up?

It seemed an impossible task for Arsenal to come back from a 5-1 thrashing in Munich, to try to get result a home last night, but it wasn’t to be. There was an uproar from the fans before and after the game, which seem to be getting bigger, trying to force the manager out of the club.

Arsenal fans are more than frustrated with their lack of tittle ambition as well successfully exiting the Champions League at the same stage for the last seven years. A small group of fans have been ranting on media platforms, such as ArsenalFanTV, expressing their views on the current situation at Arsenal. The group held banners which read, No New Contract, whilst they chanted “Arsene Wenger – We want you to go.”

Arsenal fans protesting before the game.

The protests have intensified of the last couple of weeks, due to poor results, as well as fans not being happy with the team selection. They believe that Arsenal are not able compete with the bigger teams anymore, questioning the clubs mentality and the actions of the board, who in their eyes are unable to attract the global football stars to the club.

However pundits such as Gary Neville, a respected player now turned commentator, is against the protests and believes Arsenal should continue to back their manager. He believes Wenger should be praised as he has consistently got the club into the top 4 in the Premier League, as well as Champions League football, and most recently an FA Cup victory. The fans want Premier League & Champions League success but don’t have the patience anymore and have seen other clubs make changes and have success and would like similar changes to happen at Arsenal.

It is not a guaranteed success to ask your manager to step down after more than 20 years in charge and then to expect someone new to come in, ask Manchester United, who are only just rediscovering their tittle ambitions after three years of inconsistency. Another issue is who would be up to the task of taking on such a big club with the fans always blaming the manager for the teams shortcomings.

The situation at Arsenal is brewing and i am sure this will not be the last incident. Arsenal fans seem that they will do anything to get change, even if that means alienating the fans, to get what they want. We have to remember that this only a small portion of supporters, with the majority for the manager and the club, who feel like the clubs philosophy would be damaged if the manager is forced out.

We will continue to report on this story as it unfolds, check back here for updates.  

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