GSP returns to the octagon – Best For Business? 

As reported for the most part of the end of last year, George St Pierre was rumoured to returning to the UFC, with officials trying to negotiate a deal with the former welterweight champion.  negotions between the two parties were seemed to be over after UFC 206, with Dana White unable to sign up GSP to a contract, but things somehow took a turn and he will now face Micheal Bisping for the Middleweight championship.

The return of GSP has UFC fans excited for his return as well as surprised, with his decision to go after Micheal Bisping, the Middleweight champion. For the most part the George has campaigned at Welterweight limit of 170lbs but after three years out of the octagon he will now campaign at 185lbs.

The pair came head to head last weekend at the pre fight press conference in Las Vegas, no date or venue has been set for the bout, due to GSP having to go through tests for a period of time before he is allowed to compete in the octagon. Dana White does not want to make the same mistake he did with Brock Lesnar, who subsequently failed drugs test ahead of his bout with Mark Hunt, by granting a Lesnar an exemption from VADA.

GSP’s return comes as a perfect time for Dana White, as he is short on stars like Rousey & Mcgegor for the time being, who can carry the promotion on their backs. The UFC is currently lacking a PPV active star since UFC 205, McGregor is taking an extended break, whilst Rousey is out indefinitely following her loss to Amanda Nunez.

The return of the Canadian former UFC champion, should keep fans interested for the time being, with the marketing people at the UFC looking to exploit the opportunity to hype the fight between GSP & Bisping. It will be interesting to see how GSP looks in his return to the octagon, following his three year hiatious, as well as how he fairs at middlewieght. He is facing a bigger man who is no soft touch, Bisping has fought some of the best such as Anderson Silva, one of the greatest and beat him so it won’t be no easy ride for GSP. We now wait for Dana White to announce a date and location, with Vegas being the most likely, which would suit both parties.

Check back here for updates on the UFC and developments from this fight.

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