Woodley causes a stir with his comments about Dana White post UFC 209!! 

UFC 209 promised to be so much but didn’t dazzle as advertised, the main event did not provide the action that we anticipated with both men throwing caution to the win, to a sea of boos from the crowd during and after the bout. The UFC president Dana White publicly stated that he thought the champion, Tyrone Woodley lost the bout 3 rounds to 2, many would agree with this result. Woodley then went on to criticise the UFC president, stating he should get in the octagon with WonderBoy, was he right to do this?

The rematch between Woodley and Thompson took place in Las Vegas over the weekend, with the champion retaining his belt, much to the demise of the fans in attendance. The fight did not live up to the hype, as promised by the fighters, but Dana White can be thankful there was winner.

The UFC president does not hold back with his views on fights and did so in his post fight interview stating he thought WonderBoy did enough to win. This did not sit well with the champion, who said he was looking forward to stepping back into the octagon with a normal fighter, after going 10 rounds with the unorthodox Steven Thompson.

Where does Woodley go from here?

After two indecisive wins against WonderBoy, in many people’s eyes, Woodley may not see a main event for some time. After publicly criticising the UFC president, Dana White might think twice before scheduling his next fight as a main event, after Woodley’s last two performances in the octagon. Maybe Woodley is not the star that he thinks he is, he now takes a break from the octagon to film a movie, which may be his future career away from fighting.

Before the rematch with WonderBoy was announced , the champion called GSP out of retirement to face him, but the UFC were not interested in making that fight for him. This underlines that maybe the UFC do not want him as their champion after comments previously made about the promotion. Other UFC stars have criticised the company and found themselves in the darkness, so it may not be wise for Woodley to air his views, if he ever wants to be involved in a main event again.

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