UFC 209 Result: Woodley wins rematch against Wonderboy with unpopular majority decision.

Tyrone Woodley did enough tonight to defend his UFC welterweight championship against Steven Wonderboy Thompson. The rematch took place in Las Vegas, at the T-Mobile Arena, live on pay-per-view. The bout was as close as their first match up, back at UFC 202, but at least produced a winner. Neither man stood to gain anything for another draw.

The fight began very stangant, with both men reluctant to engage, much like the first fight. Tyrone was wary of Wonderboy  in the early going and waited for his opportunities to get off his offence. Thompson was able to control the first two rounds on his feet, something he was not able to do a couple of months ago, which clearly had him up on the score cards.

Thompson lands a left hook to body of Woodley.


Woodley then had his first success in the fight in the third round, by taking WonderBoy down and finally getting to his man but Thompson was able to get back to his feet quickly, which was a victory in itself. He then proceeded with a left hook inside and finished the round strongly.

The fourth round Thompson finally found a home for his versatile kicks, with multiple attacks to Woodley’s head, seemingly confusing his opponent with his unorthodox offence. As for the champion, he continued a reserved approach, which probably had him down on the scorecards needed a big final round to salvage a result. The champion came out really aggressive in the fifth round, finally getting to Thompson with an overhand right that seemed to bother his opponent, the round finished against the cage, much to the delight of WonderBoy as he was out on his feet.

The majority of people believed that Steven Thompson did enough win, with Woodley needing a stoppage, to retain his belt. However when the result was read out in favour of the champion, it was greeted by a sea of boos for the fans, with Woodley winning a majority unpopular decision.

The chosen one walks out of the octagon tonight with his belt but is stuck with two unspectacular fights on his record against  WonderBoy. The fall out from this fight does nothing for Tyrone Woodley and will need a big performance later this year to if he wants to be a relevant champion in the UFC. Dana White certainly had a headache, on what to do with the pair, does he make a third fight? We shall wait to see.

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