Bellew causes a big upset with win over David Haye!! Is this the end of the Haymaker? 

After 11 rounds of gruelling action, Tony Bellew against all odds defeated David Haye, with the Haymaker’s corner throwing in the towel. The bout was stopped when the David was knocked through the ropes and could not continue in his corners eyes. Could this signal the end of the Haymaker?

An eventful night at The O2 Arena in London, where Tony Bellew put on a performance of his boxing career, by defeating David Haye. The fight was not what people expected with the early going very tentative, with both fighters wary of their actions, throwing caution to the win.

David Haye & Tony Bellew embracing each other after the fight.

Many had favoured Haye to deal with Tony Bellew early in the fight, but were not surprised to see him emerge victory if the fight went into the later rounds, as the Bomber predicted himself. David was trying to unsettle Tony early in the fight, but was unable to trouble Bellew, which ultimately gave the Bomber the confidence he needed to win the fight.

The bout changed in the favour of Bellew, when Haye seemed to injure himself in the fifth round, maybe the injury rumours were true in the end. However he didn’t use this as an excuse in his post fight interview, giving Tony the respect, and even lobbying for a rematch on the Bombers terms. The pair embraced and put aside their differences, as well as paid each other tribute, praising their warrior mentality and heart.

Is this the end of the Haymaker?

David has been struggling with injuries over the last couple of years which have taken its toll on his body. He has had multiple surgeries and is always battling some sort of issue. Many believed he came back into boxing, for the financial gains but showed tonight that he wanted to finish the fight, regardless of how bad his injury was.

It remains to be seen how bad the injury is and whether Haye will disclose the details of it. The Hayemaker has given us great fights over the years and has been a credit to British boxing. If this is the end, he can certainly go out on a high, even though he suffered a defeat.

We will following this as it develops. Check back here for more updates.

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