Bellew looking to move up to Heavyweight after victory over David Haye.

After his heroics on Saturday night, Tony Bellew’s immediate future may lie in the heavyweight division, following his victory over David Haye. The bomber has shook up the boxing scene with this win, with multiple world champion heavyweights calling him out, such as Deonty Wilder & Joseph Parker. Would a move to heavyweight suit Bellew?

Following his victory on Saturday, Tony Bellews stock has risen, with multiple heavyweight contenders calling him out for a possible bout. The Bomber is a former amateur boxing heavyweight champion, a weight he campaigned at for most of his amateur career, before turning pro in the light heavyweight division.

Tony didn’t look aesthetically good on the scales at the weigh in but we never expected him to do so after moving up a weight to face Haye. In his post fight interview he mentioned other heavyweights, as well as the amount of money he could make, competing in the heavyweight division. Bellew has consistently said that boxing is a form of him providing for his family and that he dosen’t see himself fighting into his late 30’s.

With barely any competition in the cruiserweight division, Tony may well have to campaign at heavyweight, in order to get the bigger paydays. His promoter has confirmed that he will be looking at all the options available on the table and get his man the best deal. A return to Cruiserwieght doesn’t make sense as Bellew has stated he can make, ten times as much money fighting at heavyweight, as well be involved in some high profile fights. Win, lose or draw he will welcomed back to Liverpool as a hero with what he has achieved in boxing, where many thought he couldn’t.

He has already achieved his dream by becoming a world champion, as well as secure his family’s future with his latest victory, so the sky is the limit for the Bomber.

Check back here for any updates as well as fall out from Saturday night. 

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