Thurman vs Garcia – Is it all hype? 

The much anticipated unification bout between, Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, takes place this weekend at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. Both boxers are undefeated and hold world titles, this promises to be a good contest, will it live up to all the hype?

They fight will be shown on Premier Boxing Champions on CBS, a free to air channel created by the infamous Al Haymon, however many believe this fight deserved to be on a bigger platform. Showtime and HBO would have loved to promote this fight but with boxing politics getting in the way this was not possible. The fighters have previously fought on both networks but have chosen to fight on PBC for their recent bouts, whether this was by choice, we’ll never know.

thurman garcia 2.jpg

The careers of both boxers are in question on Saturday, with both camps promising a win, as well as a knockout. They both have had up and down careers, even though that they are undefeated, many believe that Garcia should have at least two defeats on his record. His performances against Lamont Peterson & Mauricio Hererer were lacklustre, his skill as a boxer was put under scrutiny, on both occasions the judges saw to the side of Garcia but fans have been left unsatisfied with his performances.

Garcia’s most notable victory was against Britain’s Amir Khan, he seen as an unknown quantity and knocked down his opponent several times before the contest was stopped. The bout was contested at 140lbs, which Garcia has been campaigning at for most of his career, but made the move up to welterweight because he felt better suited in the higher division.

Keith Thurman on the other hand has also has some questionable performances. His last big profile fight, came against Shawn Porter on Showtime, Thurman fought to victory but many thought that the bout should have gone the way of his opponent. Keith Thurman boasts about his power, his nickname being “one time”, but hasn’t shown this in any of his previous bouts. His inability to get rid of his opponents after knocking them down has certainly got fans thinking whether he is the real deal. Throughout the build up to his fights, he promises to put on a show for the fans, but we may have seen the best of Thurman as most of KO’s came early in his career against lesser opposition.

The success of this fight will be whether the fighters set the tone early, both have shown willingness to box and not engage each other unless they have too, however they do not possess the skill to do this all night. Eventually this will turn in to a firefight with Thurman holding the advantage in this situation. He has shown he is able to deal with adversity and come back stronger unlike his opponent who is sometimes very static when it gets tough. The fight promises to excite but will be a close contest and the judges decisions will be put in question regardless of the result, should it go 12 rounds.

Check back here for fight results and analysis.

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