HAYEFAKER – Injury update!

As media reports swirled yesterday about David Haye’s injury problems, rumours intensified when the Haymaker took a surprise trip to Germany, as well as the cryptic Instagram post. David is known for pulling out of big fights with injuries but is he injured or was it all false?

The clash between David Haye and Tony Bellew seemed to be in doubt yesterday when media reports started coming in, stating David had an achilles injury, which could potentially rule him out of the fight. Rumours then intensified when the Hayemaker made a surprise trip to Germany, to see Dr Muller-Wohlfart, the surgeon who operated on David’s shoulder back in 2013. Haye seemed in high spirits when he was posting videos on his social media accounts, stating he was handling business Germany, whilst the boxing fans around the world were in uproar.

It is very unorthodox for a fighter to be flying out of the country so close to the fight on Saturday, however this may be just part of the Hayemaker’s new regime, as seen throughout his training camp in Miami. Much has been made of David’s choice to train in Miami without his trainer for a number of weeks. Haye has been seen training on yachts, doing Yoga sessions, and most notably drinking a protein shake out of a cocktail glass whilst in a jacuzzi.


The boxing public were left eating their words after Haye admitted on SkySports, that he’s sent a few red herrings through different people, which has ultimately filtered back to Tony Bellew and his trainer. Looking back on the Liverpool pre-fight press conference, trainer Dave Coldwell and Tony Bellew, both made statements about Haye’s injury problems and that he would never be the fighter he once was. They probably are now kicking themselves for getting emotionally invested in the fight.

Tony was seen to be very angry and distressed before his public workout, at Indio2 in London, where David was also scheduled later on that evening. He was irate at the chance of the fight being called off and predicted Haye might fake an injury at the workout. His promoter Eddie Hearn, eased fears saying that he knew about the supposedly injury, and said it wasn’t a big deal as Haye would have pulled out already. However he did take confidence in the fact that an injured Hayemaker would be easier to beat.

We were then notified that the fight would indeed take place and the injury rumours were all false, as well as fueled by David Haye, with The Sun the most notably media outlet really pushing the story. Haye said he fuelled rumors to give the Bellew camp, a false sense of hope and succeeded with fooling them and the boxing public. Hayemaker 2.0 was revealed at the open workout, showing off the hard work of his training camp, we now look forward to the last press conference before the weigh in tomorrow.

Check back for more news from fight week and the weigh in on Friday.

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