Justified or not? Managerless Leicester win against sorry Liverpool

After sacking their manager Claudio Ranieri last week, Leicester finally got their first win of the season, with a win over Liverpool on Monday night. The football world was outraged when the news broke that Ranieri had been sacked after a poor run of results. The “God Father” as he was nicknamed, went from hero to zero, in the space of 10 months after pulling off one of the biggest upsets by winning the Premier League in 2016. Were Leicester right to sack him?

The 2015/2016 Premier League champions have been in free fall since winning the tittle. They lost key midfielder N’Golo Kante to Chelsea in the summer but managed to keep other key players, such as Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, by successfully negotiating new contract extensions with the pair. Vardy and Mahrez were tracked by many different clubs in the summer but have failed to reproduce the stunning form, which won them the league last season, this term.

Many Leicester fans have been aggrieved with the treatment of their former manager and believe that players deserve the blame, rather than the manager. They were shocked to learn of his dismissal but can understand why the club made the decision. Before the game with Liverpool, they were sitting one point above the relegation zone, and with thier current dip in form it was time for a change at the top.

The Leicester which played Liverpool on Monday, was a complete contrast to the Leicester, which started the season with a loss. The players seemed rejuvenated and produced the kind of display that got them so many wins last season. The win was greeted by negative comments by all the football pundits, who were in support of Ranieri, they believe the players have failed him by not giving 100% when it mattered. The Manchester United manager, Jose Mouriniho came our in support of the former Leicester manager, he was quoted, “my three league titles with Chelsea are nothing, compared to Claudio Ranieri’s one with Leicester.”

So what next for Leicester? The bookmakers have instilled Nigel Pearson as the favourite to succeed Ranieri, with former England manager Roy Hodgson and Former Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neil, being mentioned as potential replacements. Leicester find themselves in a really tight position down at the bottom, so whoever comes in will need to be experienced in a relegation battle.

Should Leicester continue the form they showed last time out, they have a great stay up, but it all comes down to the players. They all have been treated well by the board and the manager since winning the league and maybe this might have been their downfall. Complacency defiantly has kicked into their performances with players seeming uninterested in playing when they’re losing the game. The next manager is already at a disadvantage with the transfer window shut so he will have to work with what he has got. This will be the true test but if they manage to pull it off, the question would be, why couldn’t they do it under Ranieri?

Comment below if you think Leicester will stay up.


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