Haye riled up or smart business?

After a tense press conference David Haye made headlines with some of his comments towards fight fans in Liverpool. They were heavily favouring Tony Bellew and David seemed to be bothered by the noise as well as the chanting. He took things a step too far by called the Scousers, “a bunch of retards”, which brought out a roar of boos. A comment like this normally would bring out the worst in his opponent but this time it surprisingly didn’t, there seems to be a quiet confidence ahead of the clash from the “Bomber” who looks to have the metal edge over the Hayemaker. Or does he?

David Haye is notoriously known for skills at selling fights, tickets have completely sold out, and the bill is forecasted to sell very well on PPV buys. This is the first time back on SkySports for Haye, whilst Tony has been regularly fighting on Sky. This will be the Hayemakers first show back on a PayPerView platform in a very long time, his previous two PPV fights were against Wladamir Kltischko and Derek Chisora, with both fights achieving good numbers in the box office sales.

The build up to his last PPV fight against Derek Chisora was media frenzy, with both parties promoting the fight, as well as multiple incidents. The fight came about when David and Derek clashed physically in Germany at the post fight press conference, where Chisora had just lost to Vitali Klichsko. This incident resulted in Derek having his boxing licence revoked and fined heavily, whilst David chose not to renew his licence and retire, however the fight had been brewing and there was a demand for this fight from the public so a deal was finally made.

The British Boxing Board of Control refused to sanction the fight, as well as grant Chisora a boxing licence, so  Frank Warren outsourced and got a Luxembourg Boxing Federation to host the fight, leaving BBoC  red faced. They BBoC were against this fight and did not want it to take place and said there would be repercussions to any boxer involved on the bill, this did not deter the promotion, and the bout went ahead. The fight was announced and at the press conference they both had to be separated with a fence so that they could not harm each other and potentially put the fight at risk. This alone was the first in its kind which brought a lot of media attention to this fight. They both played their parts and fought in a great hard battle, with the Haymaker being the victor on this occasion.

The Wladamir Klicshko fight on the hand was a complete contrast. David had been chasing this fight for years, with both parties stalling on negotiations, they finally put their differences to one side and signed the fight. The Hayemaker had verbally abused his opponent in the past and this did not stop in the lead up to the fight. He refused to shake Klischko’s hand, as well as refused to do promotional interviews, unless it was stipulated in the contract. This cultivated the media and the fans and made them believe that the Hayemaker would be the first man to defeat his opponent in 10 years. Haye also famously branded a T-Shirt with the severed heads of the Klischko brothers which made news headlines all over the world but this did not bother the people. The fight in the end was not as glamorous as advertised and Haye was ridiculed in the media, some say that he was pulling wool over everyones eyes, with his statements leading up to the fight.

The incident in Liverpool could be seen as a last minute push to get people interested in this fight and ultimately buy the PPV. It’s all about saying the right things at the right time, the Hayemaker knows that many of the people will not make the journey to London, so he needs to get their attention by another way. His opponent normally would react to this type of comment but declined and vowed to “run through David, like a steam train.” Haye’s comments have caused a reaction from a lot of people who will probably now tune in to watch the fight. Whether you like him or hate him, he is a box office star, with many fans tuning in to watch him lose.

Check back here for the fight result and analysis.

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