Puncher’s Chance – David Haye vs Tony Bellew Preview

The war of words or the battle of Cruiserweight and the not so heavy Heavyweight? The much anticipated fight between David Haye and Tony Bellew, takes place this weekend at The O2 Arena in London, on SkySports PPV. The insults have continued over the last couple of months between the pair and now they can finally settle their differences in the ring on Saturday.  We look ahead to this fierce contest.

It was no shock to the Boxing community when this fight was announced after Tony Bellew had knocked out BJ Flores, a close friend of David Haye and former sparring partner. The former heavyweight champion had been working on commentary for SkySports and was approached by Bellew in emphatic fashion when the contest was over. He approached David but was restrained and pulled back into the ring after the melee, Tony then unleashed all of his emotions towards David and respectively called him out, for a fight in his post-fight interview.

The pair had seemingly been in negotiations with each other, with Haye supposedly making things difficult, however they managed to work out a deal for the fight to take place. The press conference was really just the start of the back and forth between the pair. Tony Bellew took confidence on the quality of Haye’s previous opponents as well as his loss to former Heavyweight king Wladamir Klitchsco. Wladamir faced David Haye back in 2011 and comprehensively beat him with a unanimous decision victory. David claimed he had a toe injury and was ridiculed by the media and many boxers in the aftermath. Tony believes that David is a conman, who is deceiving the public with all his bravado, for the sole purpose of making money. David has admitted, on more than one occasion, that he is a prizefighter and will do anything and everything to promote a fight. Whilst Tony on the other hand likes beating people up in the ring because he feels he is good at it. The pair then caused more headlines by clashing whilst facing off at the press conference, with David being reprimanded by the British Boxing Board, and a stern warning handed down to both parties over future conduct.

The Bomber previously campaigned at Light-Heavyweight and then moved up to Cruiserweight, following a devastating defeat to Adonis Stevenson, with the weight cut being too much of a disadvantage to him. Whilst the Hayemaker is a former undisputed Cruiserweight champion and a former Heavyweight champion, he made the move up because of lack of opposition, as well as a dream to be the Heavyweight champion of the world. The pair are very similar in size with the weight difference to be very marginal on fight night, with David being more athletically gifted of the two.

The opinions have been split in the boxing world of this fight with many thinking that, the man who has been campaigning at Heavyweight, should beat the smaller man on any given day. On the other hand some believe that Tony possesses enough power to trouble Haye, as well as too much heart, previously seen in prior bouts. Tony has shown the ability to take punishment and survive as well as prosper when faced with adversity. Will he be able to take David Haye’s punching power?

It will be an interesting contest whilst it lasts, neither have the style to box for 12 rounds, it’s a simple case of who will get to each other first. Tony has been down in his previous fights and has managed to get up but the Hayemaker may be a step too far for him. Haye has the speed as well as a range of different combinations, however his ability to trap his opponents and make them make mistakes, maybe the Bombers downfall. Tony believes that he has the advantage in the second half of the fight but many think he will struggle to make into the later rounds. We know one thing for sure that the pair will engage and there will be a winner. A loss will be devastating for David Haye and his ambitions of regaining the Heavyweight championship, whilst Tony will be able to go back down to Cruiserweight, still being champion of the world.

Comment below on who you think will win.


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